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[Only me.]

I´m Alice. I have many knicknames but wont name them. I´m a teenager from England. I live in a mixed up and derranged world. Just like everyone else. So in a way. I am normal. A comment not alot of people make. Haha. I have feelings. And i hurt easily. I push people away. Without realizing. Don´t talk to me. If. Youre easily offended.I try my best. Piss off if it´s not good enough. For you. My language is werird. I use words like 'gosh' and 'dear'. I can't do with close minded people. I scare the shit out of my parents. I have serious veiws on religion.

[Where i write.]

I don´t really know why i keep this journal. It doesn´t help me or anything. And it´s friends only. To keep people out. And to keep people in. But i don´t think people are bothered. What i write. It´s nothing. It´s not serious. It´s just silly words. On a screen. Written by me. And i am nobody important. But if you want to be my friend. You can. I won't change for the likes of you.

[Get the fuck away...]

Wiggers, Racists, Homophobes, Posers, Assholes, Snobby Bitches, Whores, Idiots, Arrogance, Ignorance, Liars, Two-Faced People, "Playas", People who talk shit but can never back it up, People who have to sit by me in an empty theater, PpL whO tyPEe LiEk DiS!!!11, Girls who say they love their boyfriends after the first week of going out with them, Teachers, Homework, Parents who abuse their children, Innocent animal abusers, Loud Noises that aren't music, Bossy people, Smoking, Net Drama, Talking on the phone, Backstabbers, Conceited people, Immature people, Bad drivers, 84 Year Old Left Lane Drivers, Being unorganized, Girls, People who use Visa for purchases under £10, Hospitals, Hospital Food, People who smell of mothballs or dog shit, Band Aids that fall off, The way shops has a sale every 2 days, Those late night commercials with ugly local chicks wanting to talk to you, Bible-Thumpers, The bathrooms at school, Babys that cry during movies, 'Scary' movies that aren't scary, Net Slang (i.e. u, r, neway, wat, mii etc.),Trendy fucks, There's soooo much more....

[Keep in mind]

* Nobodys perfect *
* Love doesn't come as easliy as people think *
* Don't be so sure of what you say. You are probably wrong *
* You have to be dishonest and selfcentered sometimes to get anywhere in life *
* There is gold at the end of the rainbow *
* No matter how hard things are. One day, it has to get better *
* Promises are for the weak *
* Look after youreself, no one else will *
* Nothing is impossible *
* Don't fear anything *

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I could hurt you so much more than you know...